Warm Paint Colors for Creating a Warm and Inviting Home

Did you know that the wall color in your home not only affects its appearance, but it can also have a significant effect on a person’s mood? There have been a variety of studies that have shown that colors can trigger emotional responses like happy, sad, and energetic, for example. Changing the mood in your home may be as simple as repainting the walls in a different color.  So, if your living space feels dark or dreary, paint the walls in a warmer color to create an inviting home that will brighten everyone’s mood.

Painters in Lakeland FLWhat are warm paint colors?

When you look at a color wheel, you will notice that the primary cold colors are arranged on one side of the wheel, like blue, green and purple, and the warm colors, yellow, orange and red on the other side. Therefore, cool colors contrast with warm colors.


The color of the sun is like a natural mood enhancer that will brighten up any living space. But if you feel yellow will clash with your furnishings or make the room too bright, you can mix it with another warm color, such as orange to tone it down with a nice gold wall. One of the most popular yellow paint colors leans towards a creamy, golden color, opposed to softer pastel yellows, that works well with a wide variety of home décor and furnishings.


An emotionally intense color, red is bold, striking, and is also believed to be an appetite stimulating color. Red can give your room the personality it is lacking. Mixing red with another warm color like orange will create a beautiful warm shade that will help you create an inviting living space. Red can be an elegant, warm color that is a favorite among interior designers. It pairs well with black, grey, and tan.

interior painting in Lakeland FLOrange

This is another color that can bring a room to life and create a vibrant atmosphere. Orange is considered an energetic color that evokes excitement and enthusiasm. There are many possible fun shades when it is mixed with either yellow or red, so all you need to do is choose the one that is most comfortable for you. For instance, Avid Apricot from Sherwin Williams is a vivid wall color that will create a warm and cozy living space. It may be the perfect balance you’re looking for.

Whether some of the rooms in your living space don’t get enough light or you just want to brighten the mood in your home, there are a variety of warm color shades that you can use to create warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. The painting professionals at Lakeland Painting are here to help. Give us a call to schedule a free color consultation.