Colorful Paint Upgrades to Make this Spring

Spring is one of the best times of year to paint your home. It’s not too hot and the relatively low humidity won’t spoil your hard work. And if it has been a while since your interior was painted, it can probably use a refresh. Painting the interior of your home will give it a more updated appearance and is a great way to cover up those worn or stained walls, doors, and ceiling. Here are a few spring painting ideas to brighten your home.

Interior Doors

Paint Trim to Stand out

Painting your interior doors is a great way to add a splash of color into your space. The best way to select an interior door color is to think about the mood you want to create. Use bright or pastel colors for a festive mood. Aquaduct from Sherwin Williams is a fun, pastel shade of blue that can be applied practically anywhere such as on the interior side of kitchen entry doors. It is also a great choice for painting closet doors in a child’s bedroom. For a more tranquil mood, you can’t go wrong with grey, especially on interior front doors. Grey is a neutral color and there are a lot of shades of grey. You can choose something darker like charcoal or slide over to the brighter shades with blue hues.



Painting the bedroom walls and ceiling can give a space depth and character. Choose darker color paint on the walls if it gets a lot of natural light. And lighter paint colors to brighten up a room with limited lighting. The bedroom itself can be a focal point when the ceilings are painted too. Painting the walls in a steel gray shade with an off-white shade on the ceiling, then finishing the interior door with a dark or black shade is the trifecta for creating a sophisticated master bedroom retreat.


Bright bathroom with grey accentsGiving your bathroom a painting makeover will make it a more inviting space. One of the most popular paint colors for the bathroom is Hunter Green. It’s a bold, handsome shade that will complement a variety of decorative elements to give a space a natural appearance. For something sheik, painting the walls in a monochrome shade of opulent white with black cabinets and white marble countertops finished with black and white interior doors will create a luxurious spa appeal.

Trim Molding

The trim molding can highlight the color of your living space giving it a more complete and decorative balance. The color you select for the trim molding can also be applied to the ceiling and interior doors. It will make your space look larger with a smart appearance. But if you want to create a warm more intimate space, painting the trim in a neutral color will complement the colors of the walls and ceiling.

For more colorful interior painting ideas, contact Lakeland Painting to schedule a free personal consultation for upgrading your home.