Should You Paint Your House Before Putting it on the Market?

exterior residential painting in lakeland flThat’s a question a lot of homeowners struggle with as they prepare to sell their homes.  Let’s look at a few aspects of this question and get rid of any confusion surrounding it.

Does the home need painting?  This is the critical point.  Take a look inside and outside your house and look for faded, cracked, outdated painted areas. A freshly painted home can bring in a better selling price and a quicker sale so investing in a paint job could pay for itself a few times over. 

Look at the outside of the house

“Curb appeal” is a term Realtors use to judge how a house looks from the street, or curb.  In other words, what is the first impression a buyer will get.  When buyers see an exterior with patchy, faded areas or peeling paint – or worse, horribly mismatched colors – it’s an instant turnoff.  And even if it’s only psychological, meaning the buyer doesn’t know exactly what they don’t like about the house, it can affect their decision to purchase.

You can’t afford to turn off buyers before they even get inside the home and learn more about it.  If an exterior paint job is in order, consider the colors you’ll use.  A smart strategy is to paint with a shade that’s similar to the general color scheme of nearby homes.  This will keep your home from looking like a mismatched piece of the puzzle.

When painting a home that will be listed, think conservative.  Neutral shades are definitely best for the outside walls.  Trim work can be a little more expressive, but avoid colors that are glaring and explosive.  It never hurts to consult an experienced paint dealer if you’re not sure about good color combinations.

Look at the inside of the home

With your “curb appeal” in good shape, now turn to the interior, which is where buyers’ second impressions will be made.  Interior painting is one of many aspects of “staging” a home for sale, and your Realtor most likely will be talking about this in detail.  But as for the painting, you want to take a similar approach as you did with the exterior: think conservative and tasteful.

auburndale fl commercial paintingWallpaper should come down, because it dates a home and may be seen as difficult to match with the new family’s furniture and other items.  Look for holes and fill them.  Look for doorknobs, curtain rods and other hardware that have been around a few decades and either clean them or replace them.

Decide on a welcoming, relaxing color scheme using neutral shades for walls and ceilings and appropriate deeper colors for trim.  Buy good paint, and don’t be stingy when putting it on the surfaces.  After the first coat is completely dry, determine if a second coat is necessary.

Get professional help, if needed

Painting a house inside and out is a big job with many elements.  If you don’t feel you’re up for it, or if you don’t have the skills or the time, consider having the experts at Lakeland Painting give you a beautiful result that will impress any buyer.  If you live in the greater Lakeland, Fla., area, call (863) 670-1601 to get your paint job done right.