Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with Paint

faux finish paint When you are getting ready to remodel your home, think of your walls as a blank canvas. A canvas that can be transformed in a variety of ways – to add texture, color and depth to your space that reflects your style. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing and liven up your space with paint.

Faux Painting

If you would like a decorative, colorful way to paint your home, then faux painting is a cool way to go. It is a type of painting that is used to create an illusion of different textures. For instance, it can be used to create the appearance of real marble, granite, concrete, wood, or stones. An optical illusion of sorts. Whatever the vision you have for your home, you can apply this technique to transform the ambiance in any room. Maybe a painted wood grain wall in the living room or painted granite in the kitchen. It’s a creative way to add texture, warmth, and natural beauty to your walls. And it’s a lot less costly and more durable than wallpaper. All you need is your imagination, sponges, rags rollers and of course paint.

Wall Murals

A painted wall mural is like having a unique work of art as the centerpiece in your home. The best thing about painted murals is that there is a wide range of designs and ideas to choose from; the only limit is your imagination. From tiny details to wall-sized landscapes, painted murals can be demure little touches or bold statements. Maybe an aquarium mural for a child’s bedroom or a mural featuring a lush tropical rainforest in the guest bathroom. And murals are not just for walls. You can paint the ceiling to resemble a beautiful blue sky or whatever design you desire.

Accent Wall

accent wall interior paintAn accent wall can work wonders to create a focal point in any room. The best thing about accenting a wall is that it’s inexpensive. To set this wall apart from other walls in the room, paint one wall section in a contrasting color. For example, if your living room is painted in a neutral color, give your room a bold appearance by painting an accent wall in a deep red shade like Benjamin Moore’s Pomegranate AF-295. Or you can brighten up a dark bathroom with a beautiful light blue accent wall with Sherwin Williams’ Belize SW 6945 paint.

Wall Stencil Ideas

You don’t need to be an artist to paint creative motifs on your wall. All you need is a stencil. And you can either purchase a ready-made stencil pattern or have one custom made in your choice of design. Simply paint inside the stencil and the pattern appears on the wall as if it were painted by an artist. You can use different stencil designs in every room to give your home that one-of-a-kind look. You can use a stencil to easily paint a life-size princess for the little girl’s room or surprise your child with their favorite animal painted on the bedroom wall.

With a little creativity, you can decorate with paint and transform your home into a beautiful living space. For the best results of your home painting project, get the help of a painting professional, like Lakeside Painting. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to give you amazing results for your interior home painting project.